Where to Pan?

The Purity of Gold
24K = 100.0% Gold
23K = 95.8% Gold
22K = 91.7% Gold
21K = 87.5% Gold
20K = 83.3% Gold
18K = 75.0% Gold
14K = 58.5% Gold
10K = 41.7% Gold
9K = 37.5% Gold
8K = 33.3% Gold
1K = 4.2% Gold

K stands for Karat

Recreational Panning:

All panners MUST fill in holes after panning.
Be Considerate of others
Recreational Panning is with a shovel and gold pan ONLY

Where to go for recreational Gold Panning:

At the Free Recreational Gold Panning Areas:
Here are a few FREE recrational areas available for gold panning throughout British Columbia, Canada.

Princeton - You can pan for real gold where the Similkameen and Tulameen rivers meet behind the information office in Princeton.

Hope - Coquihalla River meets the Fraser River and Kanaka Creek flowing into the Coquihalla River.

Yale - Across from the Museum on the Fraser River.

Quesnel - The public is allowed to pan for gold on the Fraser River. Please see the Visitor's Office for the exact location.

Lytton - Panning for gold is allowed where the Thompson River and the Fraser River meet (on the town side).

Lillooet - Where the Cayoosh Creek meets the Fraser River, or also at the B.C. Hydro Seton Lake campground.

Kamploops - Tranquille Creek is located 15 minutes away from the down town area for recreational gold panning only.

Recreational Panning on Vancouver Island is allowed anywhere except on Indian Reserves, Parks, Private property, or claims that have been staked by miners. The only way to pan on these claims is with written or verbal permission. To find out about these claims, you have to contact the Mineral Titles Branch in your area.
Vancouver - 604-660-2672
Victoria - 1-866-616-4999 (Victoria General Mining Questions)

These companies can help you out with a gold pan if your in that area.

The Image Emporium Bridge st. Princeton BC 250 295 7567

Hope Information Centre Water ave Hope BC 604 8692021

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