Gold Panning in the Classroom

Teachers, have Yukon Dan bring his hands-on workshop to your school. Dan will follow the Prescribed Learning Outcomes the teachers focus with their students from all grade levels. If you're teaching about the Fraser River, Barkerville or Yukon Gold Rushes, Human Resources, Geology, Rocks & Minerals, Pioneer Days, Social Studies or Earth & Science you won't want to miss having Dan in your school.

I can have three presentations per day with up to thirty-six students in each class. I charge $6.00 per student. Please talk to your fellow teachers to let them know I'll be at your school so maybe I can do a presentation for them to!

Within the 75-85 minute workshop Yukon Dan highlights:

1) How Dan and four others won the silver medal for Canada at the World Gold Panning Championships in Coloma California, in 1998. Dan also talks about the Canadian Gold Panning Championships and shows what he has won as a competitor.

2) Dan has great knowledge about the Canadian Gold Rushes, specifically The Fraser River, Bonanza Creek and Williams Creek, where Billy Barker found his wealth in gold. Such colorful characters as Skookum Jim, George Carmacks & Taggish Charlie discovered gold back in 1896.

3) The Fraser River, Barkerville, and the Yukon gold rushes and how the three are similar.

4) How gold is valued and why it is different colors.

5) The different styles of gold pans and goldpanning with a demonstration of the correct ways to use them.

6) Dan will explain why gold floats on oil, and what to do to avoid it floating out of your pan.

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Gold Panning Station
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Shaking the Paydirt

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Colouring a Miner

Sluicing the Paydirt for Gold

Parent Helper has Gold Fever

Concentrating real hard

Mineral Seperation with a magnet

I Struck Paydirt!

Pan for Gold
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